Studio 13 Paper Workshops

This list is a guideline to the techniques I currently teach. I am happy to accommodate workshop organisers by discussing the needs of particular groups and designing specific workshops for them.

Most of these workshops can be adapted for a variety of time frames from a day to a week by selecting, developing or combining strands within the broad outlines below. Experience level may be from the beginner to the more advanced.

Keeping an Artists Diary: making a personal creative journal in a quick book binding; using drawing, and collage and a range of media as an end in itself and for developing ideas; drawing using a broad spectrum of traditional and non- traditional art media; observation drawing in still life and landscape; creative problem solving and ways of developing bodies of work, themes and personal subjects.

Creative Book Binding: traditional and contemporary book construction, binding and folding techniques; composite books; containers for books and books as containers; books for specific and personal purpose; artist’s books; carousel, tab books, tunnel books, flag books; creative book binding for embroiderers, printmakers and other guild groups.

Altered Books – changing meaning with collage and mixed media; book as container, carving into the book to create cavities and niches and developing other books to sit within it using mixed media and miniatures techniques

Cabinets and Boxes- using foam core and box board developing individually designed 3D forms and containers dictated by personal contents, concepts and themes incorporating found and/or made objects; box and miniature cabinet design; paper and mixed media surface treatments , making hinges and closures, drawers and compartments; folded boxes and designing your own templates.

Mixed Media - on paper and fabric; mark making using drawing, stitching, dyeing, collage with found and made surfaces, relief printing and stamping; media including wax resists, image transfer, varnishes, water and oil based colour, inks, gesso and charcoal; rusting and staining

In the Round – plaster mould making to use with textiles and paper from found and made objects; casting in paper, air drying clay, latex and fabric; surface treatments using mixed media including shellac, stains, paint and inks.

Etching – using non- toxic materials to do zinc plate etching on paper and silk; drypoint etching using acetate plates; water based ink on commercial and handmade paper, and fabric

Relief Printing and Mono Printing– multi-coloured lino prints using jigsaw technique and key blocks, which can be hand rubbed or done with a press; collograph prints for hand printing (for intaglio technique a press is needed); for paper and fabric and strategies for design development.

Plant Fibre Paper Making – using easily adaptable equipment and local plants

Joomchi- a Korean paper technique where plant fibre paper is effectively felted into layers; layering images, colour mixing, creating holes and voids, casting; leather paper